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 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.01  -  Min Share --> 1 Gb si 2 slots. 
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.02  -  Nu puneti la share --> junk files; fake files.              
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.03  -  Nu dati in mainchat sau in prv --> adrese de la alte hub`uri; linkuri web (ex www. http:// etc). 
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.04  -  Nu limitati viteza de upload. (ex.: NetLimiter, DU Super Controler).  
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.05  -  Nu deconectati userii care downloadeaza sau incearca sa downloadeze ceva de la voi.
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.06  -  Nu scrieti pe main cu CAPS si nu dati desene ASCII pe main.
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.07  -  Nu ignorati Operatorii. 
 .·´`·.·´¯`·.› No.08  -  Trateaza oamenii la fel cum vrei sa te trateze si ei pe tine.   


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Rule Nr:01  -  No Child or Rape Pornography.
   Rule Nr:02  -  Dont Advertise For Other Channels Or You Will Be Banned
   Rule Nr:03  -  Stay In This Hub When You Are DownLoading.
   Rule Nr:04  -  Share minimum  1 GB [Scripted].
   Rule Nr:05  -  Repeated violations of the rules will get your IP banned
   Rule Nr:06  -  Don´t bother an SU/OP unless it´s important
   Rule Nr:07  -  Dont ask to be an VIP/OP we will come to you if we need you
   Rule Nr:08  -  Don't lock your speedlimit
   Rule Nr:09  -  The hub owner is always right
   Rule Nr:10  -  If you disagree with the hub owner see rule Nr: 09

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